Stockpile is a hybrid financial services and eCommerce company positioned to democratize the online stock brokerage industry through a new and innovative approach to building a stock portfolio by allowing for the purchase and collection of fractional shares of publicly traded stocks through a gift-card business model. Stockpile's model of fractional shares of stock distributed as gift cards of stock (or rewards) will appeal to a large B2C market, which will also form the foundation to scale into the B2B market with corporate loyalty programs. An example would be receiving a gift of $5 of AVIS stock every time you rented a car from AVIS instead of 500 Delta SkyMiles. Stockpile's mission is to make it easy, affordable, and fun for people to collect stock in their favorite brands. Stockpile Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stockpile, is the world's first brokerage platform that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to give, get, and own stock in any dollar amount (specifically, fractional shares of stock). Companies of all kinds - financial institutions, loyalty companies, employee benefits companies, retailers, and fintech providers - can leverage Stockpile's platform to offer new products and drive customer acquisition, engagement, and revenue.

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