David Nagel, Ph.D.

David Nagel is a distinguished technology industry veteran with a wealth of experience in the consumer, communications and computing industries. David was most recently president and CEO of PalmSource, Inc., a leading provider of operating system software platforms for smart mobile devices. Prior to PalmSource, David was CTO at AT&T and president of AT&T Labs. He previously served as SVP at Apple Computer, where he led Worldwide R&D for all Macintosh products after heading up Advanced Technology.

Before Apple, David had a long career at NASA's Ames Research Center as head of human factors research. He has served on a number of national and international advisory committees, including President Clinton's first Advisory Committee on High Performance Computing, Communications, and the Next Generation Internet (PITAC).

In addition to serving as an Advisor to Forté Ventures, David is a Member of the Boards of Directors of Vonage, a leading provider of IP-based communication services to consumers and business customers; and Align Technology, the inventors of "Invisalign", the leading provider of modern clear aligner orthodontics.

Nagel is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Computer Sciences Institute and a member of the Executive Committee of that Institute. He has served on more than a half dozen others boards of publically traded corporations.